Carpet Cleaning Programs

Carpet CleaningThe carpet is a specific interior property feature which requires individualised cleaning approach and regular cleaning maintenance. People would like to get the most mileage out of their carpets, and keep them looking clean and fresh for as long as possible (especially those more expensive carpets). This however would require the application of a carpet cleaning program. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by professional cleaners, you can consult with them as to what type of cleaning program they use on your carpet.

The first step of organising your carpet cleaning program is to choose a good set of specialised cleaning products. A piece of advice from the cleaning team – don’t buy products from different brands, instead stick to complete product lines of a single manufacturer or supplier. This will also allow for better, more consistent cleaning results. When organising your carpet cleaning program, you must understand the importance of regular vacuuming. A good vacuum cleaner will save you tons of specialised cleaning later on, and will lift up to (some say even more than) ninety percent of the total dust and dirt contents in any type of natural or synthetic fibre carpet. Timely cleaning maintenance is the only proven way to prolong the life of the carpet and keep its clean, fresh looks for longer.

Investing in a good vacuum cleaner is one of the most important aspects of ongoing carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners use both types of vacuum cleaners – uprights and backpacks. Both of these are effective, and both of them have their upsides and downsides. Which of the two types you choose will depend on the size and layout of the carpeted area you need to clean. For instance, long hallways or corridors in admin buildings and hotels are better cleaned using an upright vacuum cleaner.

Backpacks allow cleaners to be nimble and more flexible, this is why backpack vacuums are best used in office cubicles, smaller rooms or other similar areas. Manufacturers and industry specialists strongly advice customers to opt for HEPA filter vacuum cleaners. Using a HEPA filtration system is quite necessary, as basically it prevents the dust and dirt being sucked into the machine from being released back through the exhaust air vents. Both upright and backpack vacuum cleaners come fitted with HEPA filters. When choosing the right vacuum cleaner don’t forget to consider energy efficiency as this will save you money later on.

Carpet Cleaning Chemical Trends

Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaning has advanced notably over the last few years in terms of materials and equipment used. If we were to summarise the innovations in professional carpet cleaning the new trends would be less chemical use and reduced drying time. Eradicating toxic chemicals from carpet cleaning procedures has been on the agenda for some time now. Although chemicals cannot be removed entirely from the cleaning process, their application can be reduced to a minimum.

Another relatively new trend is the use and application of hydrogen peroxide. Of course this is not used in its pure form, but as ingredient in professional carpet cleaning products. The use of hydrogen peroxide is actually quite safe, despite its scary name. Hydrogen peroxide emits very little volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which makes it safer for professional cleaners doing the job, and property occupants. Hydrogen Peroxide’s cleaning properties are also better than many other harsh chemicals which were present in carpet cleaning products up until now.

Another big benefit of performing carpet cleaning services using hydrogen peroxide is the lack of residue after cleaning. The peroxide will simply dissolve into water and oxygen right after cleaning. Professional cleaners who have made the switch to hydrogen peroxide containing products have increased their efficiency and have actually become green cleaning services providers. The other trend or technology that’s quickly being adopted by many professional cleaners is the use of encapsulation technology. Polymer encapsulation cleaning agents allow for effective cleaning with very little water. The beauty of it is that the cleaning agent is simply vacuumed off once it dries. A reduction of drying time makes the entire cleaning process more efficient and allows occupants to use the property much sooner than before. Good quality carpet cleaning will always require a certain amount of chemical assistance, at least in the foreseeable future. Of course the overall aim of the cleaning industry is to eradicate the use of chemicals altogether, or at least use nontoxic, even ecofriendly cleaning compounds.

Dry carpet cleaning technology is also moving forward – the polymer encapsulation method briefly described above is a clear sign that highly active, nontoxic cleaning compounds are making their way into the industry, and they are here to stay. New dry cleaning systems, as well as peroxide based cleaning agents are quite suitable for daytime cleaning sessions as they pose no health risk to occupants.

Greening Your Cleaning

Greening Your CleaningMany people are looking to banish harsh cleaning chemicals and aggressive solvents from their cleaning maintenance routine. Greening your cleaning is a proven way to reduce exposure to toxins so give it a go. If you have been using the services of a professional cleaning company so far, perhaps your cleaners can provide you with some valuable advice, and get you started on green cleaning practices.

The first step of the cleaning purification process is to eradicate all aerosol cleaning products from your cleaning basket. Aerosols contain harmful substances known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Such products are not only toxic but also highly inefficient. Each time an aerosol is sprayed, it loses ten percent of its useful effect as much of the spray seen by users is the actual propellant used to expel the cleaning product. A good (natural) alternative to aerosol cleaning products is use of citrus-based cleaning solutions. These are quite effective as they contain natural acids and etheric oils that have similar if not better solvent and dilution properties than their chemical counterparts.

Liquid citrus cleaning agents can be applied directly on cleaning cloth and used throughout the entire room or premises. They are also more efficient and long lasting – professional cleaners say a single saturated rag is enough to clean an entire room (of average size). Most universal citrus based cleaning products can be used on different surfaces effectively through adjusting the strength of the cleaning solution. For example, a reduced amount of cleaning product diluted in more water is good for window cleaning, whereas cleaning tilework in toilets and bathrooms may require undiluted amount of the given citrus cleaner. In that sense, such products are also versatile and save people the hassle of having to purchase and apply different solvents.

From an economical point of view, citrus based concentrated cleaning solutions are more efficient than chemical counterparts, especially when purchased in bulk. The fact that you are using a smaller amount of a natural formula product, to clean the same surface area or number of objects translates to higher cost efficiency. Furthermore, cleaning with citrus based (or similar formula) products is healthier – especially important for professional cleaners who do this on a daily basis. Using such cleaning systems is quite important for specialised cleaning companies which perform their services in close proximity to customers – fewer toxins translate to healthier indoor environment.